An overview about breast cancer treatment in India

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Before we head over to the breast cancer treatment cost in India we need to educate ourselves about this type of cancer. It does appear to be a cancer that has gone on to develop from the malignant tissues of the breast.  After skin cancer it does appear to be one of the common cancer types that you tend to find in women. This type of cancer is hundred times more common in women than in the case of men. But men tend to have poor outcomes in terms of diagnosis is concerned. It would go on to remove the localized cancer that has not gone to spread in other areas of the body. They are going to remove the tumour along with a portion of the surrounding tissue and in the manner conserving as much as the breast that would be possible.

The  major symptoms of breast cancer?

When you are in the early stage of this disorder there does not seem to be any major symptoms. Once the tumour progresses you are going to come across some symptoms that are likely to appear include

  • In the armpit swelling could emerge
  • Tenderness or pain in the breast
  • The first apparent symptom does appear to be a lump in the breast. Most of the time they are painless but they do give a prickly sensation. You are likely to come across them in a mammogram before you see or feel it.
  • A noticeable indentation on the breast can emerge which you cannot see or feel
  • If any change in the colour of the breast occurs it may point to an advanced stage of cancer.
  • Last if you do notice any unusual discharge from the nipple it does point to occurrence of breast cancer.

The phase associated with diagnosis of breast cancer?

Though the cases of breast cancer has gone on to increase at the same time the diagnosis has gone on to become easy as well. Some of the popular types of diagnostic tools are as follows

  • Mammogram- it would be an X ray of the breast which shows whether you are suffering from cancer or not
  • Ultra sound- here a series of high radiation rays are given to check whether the lump has solid or liquid in them.

How your life is going to change once the surgery is over?

Once the surgery would be undertaken on the armpit, the surgeon would go on to guide you on how soon you are in a position to recover. Continue them till the point where you have movement in the shoulder or the back.

Do not lift anything or drive till the point the scars heal up. Till the surgeon has gone on to give their nod of approval does not resort to any type of house work. This would relate to cleaning or mopping with the arm that is affected. The reason being that a local incision might take place as well. If you are really looking to undertake heavy work then check out with your surgeon whether it would be possible to undertake it or not. How you can manage is going to vary considering the type of surgery you have been part off.

What are the precautions you need to take once you have had a breast surgery?

The basic methodology in case of breast cancer would be that it appears to be an outpatient procedure. One would be given a set of instructions in the form of

  • To keep the surgical area clean and dry
  • A bandage has to be kept over the surgical area and a series of tubes to drain out fluids along with blood which you have to collect during the process of healing. You might have to empty the drains, measure the fluid and discuss with your doctor any problems that is likely to emerge
  • Do keep away from rigorous activity as per the instruction of your doctor.
  • For about a week or so do not lift anything more than 5 pounds. This could be a lot longer as per the instruction of your doctor.
  • A well witting bra for the first 24 hours after a week of the surgery is important.

The phase of preparation as far as breast cancer surgery is concerned

The preparation of a surgery could really be a stress buster. One can opt for a series of tips that are as under

You can meet up with your surgeon and discuss with them on how they are going to perform the surgery. How long it would be taking to heal and how the process of recovery is going to be once the surgery appears to be over. Do go for a second opinion. It does not seem unusual to have a second opinion as sometimes you are going to need it from an insurance point of view. The second surgeon would confirm the advice you have gone on to receive or might give you a second opinion.

The key consideration would be to ask questions. Do learn about breast cancer and the situation you are facing in terms of breast cancer. First try to figure out the stage of cancer you are at, while finding the various treatment options that you might have to confront. The side effects along with the recurrence of the tumour are also important. Sometimes a breast sparring surgery or a total removal of the breast may be called for as well. Whatever advice you are going to take discuss with your surgeon before you take a final call.

Before the surgery you can explore the options of breast reconstruction. This would be considering the fact if you are looking at the option of mastectomy. It would be really difficult to think about removal of a tumour. But for the emotional healing of a woman reconstruction does appear to be really important. Do ask the doctor on how the procedure is performed and what would be the stage of recovery.

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