Best Tamil songs of 2018

When it comes to Tamil songs, there is not one person who has not been affected by the heart crooning romantic numbers or party songs.

You name it and Tamil songs have it. The songs come packed with all elements required for musical success and therefore often remain at the top of music charts across the country.

2018 has been like usual business for Tamil songs as the industry continues with its legacy of composing catchy songs with the potential to become popular among the masses.

We list some of the best Tamil songs of 2018 that satisfied our musical cravings in and out.

  1. Pondattee by Golisoda 2

This song is a soulful composition that tugs at your heartstrings. The song boasts of a perfect melody to soothe your otherwise stressful day.

  1. Kadhalikathey by Imaikkaa Nodigal

An out and out hip hop number, the song will force you to get on the dance floor and hit the groove in no time.

  1. Bhoomi Bhoomi by Chivantha Vaanam

Music of AR Rahman breathes new life into this song. When we talk about Rahman, nothing comes close to the genius’s musical capabilities. This song is no different, bearing the trademark of typical AR Rahman song. We challenge you that you won’t be able to get the song out of your head once you give it a listen.

  1. Dope Track by Prema Kaadhai

A romantic number, the song vividly describes the beauty that loves bring into our life. The song has meaningful lyrics and a catchy tune.

  1. Kannamma by Pradeep Kumar

A song you wish would just play on and on forever. The biggest win for the song is the poetic twist given to the lyrics. The composers have done a fantastic job in creating such a wonderful song.

  1. Kambathu Ponnu by Yuvashankar Raja

The soulful rendition from Raja is everything you expect from a love song. The song has been shot beautifully with delightful background music playing throughout.

  1. Sandalee by Velmurugan

The song will instantly lift up your moods and spirit with its sheer brilliance. The soulful lyrics of the song celebrate love in the best way possible.

  1. Anthaathi by Chinmayi, Govind vasantha

Anthaathi should be on the playlists of those who actually understand music well and appreciate songs with all their merits intact. The music directors have done a great job with this song.

  1. Thanga Sala by Shanker Mahadevan

Shanker Mahadevan is a name to be reckoned with in the music industry. His songs enjoy a cult following and Thanga sala is all geared up to join that list. It is a cool, breezy and peppy song inspiring you to dance to the tunes all night long.

  1. Oonjala Oonjala by Sid Shriram

The brilliance of Sid Shriram transfers this song to a whole another level. Listeners are in for a treat as this song will surely satisfy as well soothe their musical souls.

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