Cheaper car insurance what are the different possibilities

The auto insurance premium varies significantly from one insurance to another. It is therefore very often possible to find cheaper car insurance by comparing the different offers of insurers. Here are some tips for finding cheap car insurance.

The price of car insurance depends on several factors: the age, the place of residence, the place of work, the use of the vehicle, the number of accidents in the past, the power of the vehicle.

All insurance companies apply a different fee. It is therefore not clear which company offers the cheapest car insurance for your situation.

Here is a brief overview

Insurance per kilometer

The kilometer insurance is suitable for drivers traveling a few kilometers. Some companies give a favorable rate to drivers who drive a few kilometers.

Corona Direct: is the only insurer that insures you according to the number of kilometers traveled. The principle is simple: you indicate the number of kilometers you will travel next year. You drive less: the insurance pays you back; you drive more: you pay extra.

For those who ride little, this insurance per kilometer is the cheapest.

Acted Direct: You drive less than 7,500 km or less than 15,000 km? This entitles you to cheaper auto insurance.

Touring Insurance: if you drive less than 10,000 km per year, you also get cheaper auto insurance.

Argental: if you drive less than 12,500 km per year, you are over 26 years old, and there is no secondary driver under 26, you can get cheaper car insurance up to 15%.

Ethics: If you drive less than 10,000 km and you are a driver with a bonus-penalty between 0 and 2, car insurance up to 15% cheaper can be offered.

P & V Assurances, AXA, and Partners also offer cheaper car insurance based on the number of kilometers driven per year.

Getting to work by train, bus or bicycle can also give you cheaper car insurance at some insurers.

Acted Direct: proposes a ” commuter rate ” offering a discount on the normal insurance rate for drivers traveling by public transport to work.

Touring Insurance: You will receive a discount on your insurance by showing a copy of your transportation subscription or a copy of the bike travel reimbursement document by your employer. Insurance can be up to 25% cheaper.

Drivers over 50

Some insurers offer less expensive insurance for drivers over 50 years old. An overview of what is practiced:

Corona Direct: offers a ” 58+ guarantee ” which guarantees you liability insurance for life even if you cause accidents at fault. The only condition to be able to take out this type of insurance is to have not required an accident in the last 5 years before the 58th birthday.

AXA: offers people over 50 a liability insurance 22% cheaper than the insurance of a person of 30 years with the same driving profile. It also gives the guarantee that there will be no cancellation of the insurance policy by age.

DVV: From the age of 60, you receive the “Drive for Life Guarantee.” This means that the liability cover is acquired for life. The only condition is not to have more than three accidents in the 55-60 age bracket and not for 3 consecutive years.

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