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Nowadays, water purifiers are the basic necessity of every house. Water purifiers can be seen in every house in today’s time. Why are purifiers used by people?

  1. Purifiers are used by people to make the drinking or consumption of water clean, healthy and safe. To make the water consumption safe and clean purifiers have become the basic necessity of the people nowadays.
  2. Drinking up of clean and purified water help out people in getting rid of all type of water-borne diseases such as typhoid, jaundice etc. This is one of the reasons that people should use water purifiers at their home.

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How do these water purifiers work?

Purification of water is an 8-stage process. The 8-stage processing of water purifier is mentioned below:

  1. Reverse osmosis: This is the topmost step in the purification of water. This reverse osmosis is a process of filtration of water in the simple mechanism.

  1. This is a process through which the water is passed through a semi-permeable membrane. Therefore, when the solvent is passed through the semi-permeable membrane all the hard impurities get separated.
  2. In this reverse osmosis step, all the heavier impurity of water get separated and thus makes the water 10-20% clean.

  1. Reverse osmosis membrane: This is the most important part of the system. This part is present in every water purifier and its work is to remove all the contaminants from the water.

  1. Storage tank: This name suggests that this is a storage tank where the water is stored after clearing all the impurities from it. Here, all the cleared up water is stored.

  1. Post-filters: This is actually a carbon filter part from where the water is passed and the small impurities that are present in water are cleared up.

  1. This is the part in which approximately 90% of impurities are cleared up.
  2. Post-filters make 90% of water safe, clean and healthy for drinking.
  1. Drain Line:

  1. This is a part through which all the cleared up impurities are drained out.
  2. The main function of this part is to eject out the dirty impurities and components that were present in the water.

  1. Ultra-violet disinfection:

  1. This is a part where the water is checked out again if it is clean or not.
  2. After the water is passed through this part it becomes safe, clean and healthy for consumption.

    7. Ultra filtration and wrapping up is a part of the water filter where all the microorganisms are killed up. This part of the filter helps in preventing ourselves from all the health-related problems. Thus, this part cleans up the water fully making it perfect for consumption.

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