Ways To Create An Accent Wall In Your Bedroom

One way to add to the aesthetic look of the bedroom is to create an accent wall. An accent wall is actually a wall that features a design different from the rest of the walls in the room. It can be in some other shade or color to add a pop of color in the room, or it can even have a different texture from the rest of the walls. Some wall mural can also make a difference and there are many of them to choose from. Besides these common ways there are also many other outstanding ways to create an accent wall in the bedroom and you are about to find which they are.

Bedroom TV Wall Unit

When it comes to choosing which wall should be an accent one in the bedroom, there are two options. It can either be the wall behind the bed or the wall opposite of the bed. And if you choose the opposite one, then the easiest way to make it an accent wall is with a TV wall unit. Bedroom TV units can be found in so many versatile designs, so you will for sure find the right design for your bedroom. Most often they feature shelves where you can display your favorite book collection or simply add some decorative centerpiece.

Wall Niches

Wall niches are also quite popular choice nowadays. They can be both decorative and functional. Most often they are placed in the wall behind the bed, offering extra storage space for some decorative centerpiece or books. Or they can also serve as an alternative to a nightstand. Some wall niches can even feature light fixtures to make a bigger statement. Illuminated wall niches can set a romantic mood in the bedroom which is one more reason why they are being so popular.

DIY Decor

And of course, if you want to express your creativity, you can create an accent wall on your own. Show off your skills by painting some pattern on the wall that you want to be an accent wall. The most common pattern can be geometric pattern. A DIY geometric wall design is definitely one of the easiest DIY projects. All you need is some tape, maybe a ruler and a couple of paints and you can do it in the way it suits your taste.

Creating an accent wall will definitely add to the aesthetic look of your bedroom and the above ideas are just some of the many possible ones. So hopefully you will find them as an inspiration for your bedroom too.

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